Social Media and Populisms: A Conversation with Bruno Patino

March 12, 2019

In an event co-sponsored by the Alliance Program, the European Institute, and Maison Française, Bruno Patino, Dean of Sciences Po School of Journalism in Paris and Editorial Director at ARTE, analyzed the growing connection of social media and populism and their subsequent impact.

Bruno Patino, in conversation with Emmanuel Kattan, cast new light on the role played by social media in recent political and social events in the United States, Europe and elsewhere in the world. Mr. Patino focused some of his remarks on the Gilets Jaunes (Yellow Vests) movement that spread across France at the end of last year.

Mr. Patino authored numerous books including  Pinochet goes, A press without Gutenberg, The Digital Condition, and Televisions. He began his career as a journalist for  Le Monde in Chile, and for the first time in the media industry: for  Le Monde  (1999-2008),  Radio France  (2008-2010) and  France Télévisions (2010-2015), where he was Director General, responsible for programs commissioning and digital operations. He holds a Doctorate in Political Sciences, graduating from Sciences Po Paris and from the ESSEC Business School, and has a Master's degree in international relations from Johns Hopkins University.

With this in-depth knowledge of the media industry, Mr. Patino was able to analyze the complex genesis of populist movements, their use of social media and how journalistic organizations report on these movements.