Congratulations to the 2023 Doctoral Thesis Prize Winner: Edouard Dossetto!

The Alliance Program team extends its warmest congratulations to Edouard Dossetto, who was awarded the prestigious Doctoral Thesis Prize from the National Association of PhDs in Economics and Management (Association Nationale des Docteurs ès Sciences Économiques et en Sciences de Gestion).

Edouard spent several months at Columbia University on an Alliance Doctoral Mobility Grant, studying the macro-dynamics of energy transition under the invitation of Prof Joseph E. Stiglitz.

Congratulations to Edouard Dossetto!


From Edouard: "The aim of my stay was to explore the robustness of a family of macroeconomic models (inspired by Cass and Stiglitz 1960). Professor Stiglitz and his team's lectures were a source of inspiration for both my studies and my personal interests. Attending the student research breakfasts was amazing (and tasty) in the diversity and quality of the topics presented. My discussions with Professor Stiglitz pushed my research further than I could have hoped. In addition to these professional benefits, I have to share some personal joys: the people I met, especially at Barnard College (where I worked a lot) were very passionate workers. I am glad to have worked alongside them and to have had the opportunity to talk with them. Participating in "Romeo and Juliet" as a fight choreographer was a breath of fresh air in this long stint of work. My very-opened discussion with Dr Emmanuel Kattan about Economics, Quantum Physics and Theater was also a great moment of my stay. I was sincerely happy to work in such an environment where safety, beauty and intelligence seem to spring from the walls and trees.

I am very grateful for the opportunity that the Alliance program has given me to conduct this research at Columbia University and to meet such amazing students and faculty. I am deeply convinced it will help to improve the quality of my PhD thesis and my further researches."

Edouard Dossetto