Objects and Archives: Alliance Support for joint Columbia-Ecole Polytechnique Project

August 09, 2018

Pamela Smith (Columbia University) and Frédéric Brechenmacher (École Polytechnique) received an Alliance Joint Project Grant for their project “Objects and Archives in Science, Technology, and Society Studies: Promoting Research and Innovative Teaching Co-initiatives.” The project illustrates the strong collaboration between Columbia University and École Polytechnique, especially in the area of material culture and the history of science at both institutions.

In 2016, the Alliance Grant supported École Polytechnique students Margot Lyautey’s and Philip Cherian’s residence at Columbia University’s Center for Science and Society (CSS). Both joined the Making and Knowing Project led by Pamela Smith, which aims to publish an innovative digital critical edition of a 16th-century French manuscript of scientific and artistic techniques.

The Alliance Grant and the Center for Science and Society supported École Polytechnique student Ludovic Touzé Peiffer’s CSS internship. While at the Center, Ludovic assisted the Making and Knowing Project and pursued his own MA research.

Alliance Grant supported travel for Pamela Smith, Tianna Uchacz (Postdoctoral Scholar, MKP), and Naomi Rosenkranz (Project Manager, MKP) to Paris to speak at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales (EHESS) on June 8, 2017, in order to pursue joint projects and interests with faculty and researchers at Paris institutions.

On October 27, 2017, Pamela Smith and doctoral student Etienne Stockland (Columbia University) organized a symposium, “Textiles, Dyes, and Knowledge Oeconomies in the French Enlightenment,” at Columbia University, funded through the Alliance Grant, the History Department, and the Center for Science and Society.

In March 2018, Pamela Smith traveled to Paris and Toulouse to discuss future exchange and joint research projects with Didier Kahn and Frédéric Brechenmacher.

In 2018, the Alliance Grant, the Henry Luce Foundation Grant, and the Center for Science and Society supported Margot Lyautey’s and Philip Cherian’s continued participation with the Making and Knowing Project. Both attended the July 2018 Text Workshop.