Janeth Valverde Quispe

Janeth Valverde is a Ph.D. candidate at the Laboratoire Leprince-Ringuet (LLR) at Ecole Polytechnique, in France. Her research is related to the characterization of blazars, a type of active galactic nuclei (AGN), at multi-wavelength energies with a focus on their gamma-ray emission. Studying the emission mechanisms of these very powerful systems can help us investigate the origin and nature of the particles that comprise their extremely energetic jets.

Janeth’s first project in gamma-ray astronomy took place during her internship at LLR, where she worked on a light source method for calibrating the middle size telescopes for the future Cherenkov Telescope Array for studies at TeV energies. Afterward, she started working on gamma-ray analysis with the Fermi Space Telescope data for the analysis of blazars at GeV energies. Immediately after the start of her Ph.D., she became part of the Fermi-LAT Collaboration, where she’s been enjoying some time as a sky-watcher monitor for the extragalactic sky as well. The Gamma-ray Astronomy group at LLR has been working very closely with scientists at Columbia University who are members of the VERITAS Collaboration, for a long time to the study different astrophysical objects at GeV-TeV energies. Once Janeth started her Ph.D., she joined this effort.

Janeth received her B.Sc. in Physics from the National University of Engineering, Lima, after which she enroled in the year High Energy Physics (HEP) Diploma Program at ICTP, Italy; and received her M.Sc. in HEP from the Ecole Polytechnique/Universite Paris-Saclay, France, in 2016.