Eric Teschke

Eric Teschke is a PhD student in Development Economics at the Paris School of Economics. In his thesis project entitled “Targeting and Tailoring: How to make development work for the poorest of the poor” he aims to contribute to a better understanding on how to target and, therefore, reach the poorest and on how to tailor interventions such that they show higher impact. To this end, Eric uses recent econometric techniques, particularly machine learning, and new experimental methodology. As an applied development economist he is also aiming to directly contribute to the knowledge of the impact of specific public policies in the Global South.

Eric has earned a master’s degree in economics from the Paris School of Economics, after completing his undergraduate studies in Germany and China. Following his stay at Columbia, he is going to visit MIT before going back to Paris in order to, maybe, finish his PhD but surely to win many soccer matches, his other passion in life.