Sorbonne Business Law Certificate for Foreign Lawyers LL.M

The Sorbonne Law School is very pleased to open the Sorbonne Business Law LLM program directed by Prof Mathias Audit.

This one-year training program located in the center of Paris is tailored for non-French-speaking lawyers or students holding a Master's degree or equivalent.

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Paris 1 Pantheon-Sorbonne University
April 28, 2017


The "Sorbonne Business Law Certificate for Foreign Lawyers" LL.M. program is a one-year training course for non-French-speaking foreign students holding a Master's degree or equivalent from a foreign university.

Legal courses are exclusively taught in English, but students also benefit from French language training.

The LL.M. is a general introduction to business law. During the course of their academic year, students will be trained in all subjects, both private and public law, as well as EU law, which are related to business activities in France and more generally in Europe.

Admissions information

·       The LL.M. is open to thirty law graduates from foreign universities.

·       Admissions will be open from May 29 to June 15 via our IT application e-candidat :

·       Tuition fee is EUR 6,000

 Admissions instructions

  • Application form
  • Identification
  • Official transcripts of Master’s degree in Law 
  • CV
  • Two letters of recommendation 

Each candidate will be selected after an interview in English.

Candidates will be notified by the Committee on Admissions by late July.

Courses in English (classes start in October)

Ø  Introduction to French and European Law (80h)

o           Introduction to French and European Judicial System and Proceedings

o           Introduction to French Business Law

o           Introduction to French Public Economic Law

o           Introduction to European Union Law


Ø  Basics of French and European Business Law (80h)

o           Private and Public contract Law

o           Financial markets Law

o           Competition Law

o           Corporate Law


Ø  French Language training (60h)

o           Français langue étrangère (30h)

o           Français juridique et techniques d’expression (30h)

o           Conférences thématiques des professeurs invités à l’EDS


Ø  Pick and choose: choose 3 optional courses in English or in French


For more information concerning this LL.M.: 

This diploma will be open subject to a sufficient number of registered candidates.