Thais Nunez-Rocha

Thais Nunez-Rocha is a fourth-year Ph.D. student in Environmental Economics at Paris School of Economics. She holds a B.S. in Economics from the PUCE, a Masters in Environmental Economics and Energy from Paris X with a specialization in Environment, Development, and Territorial Management. Prior to starting her Ph.D., she gained substantive experience in sustainability, climate change and renewal energies in developing countries, working in different institutions in the Ecuadorian public sector and as a consultant for the World Bank. Her professional background and personal experience give her the proficiency Spanish, Portuguese, French, and English. Her research interests are in environmental consequences suffered by developing countries due to international trade.

Her research focuses on the composition effect as a mechanism of the impact of trade on the environment. Specifically, she studies how the strengthening of environmental regulation in developed countries affect environmental conditions in developing countries. Current projects include European Union waste exports, the efficacy of treaties on dangerous substances imports, and questions on how national and international laws affect environmental outcomes in an open economy.