Mame Mor Ndiaye

Mame Mor Ndiaye is a first-year PhD Candidate in the Department of Philosophy at Paris 1 Pantheon- Sorbonne University (ISJPS). I am writing a dissertation on “Western universalism and African philosophy: From the universal as principle to the achievement of its effectivity through the common prism of human rights”, under the supervision of the professor Magali Bessone. His research interests lie at the intersection of African philosophies, postcolonial studies and the decolonial approach, both of which are linked to Western philosophical theories.

Mame Mor received the first part of his academic education in Senegal up to the baccalaureate before joining the University of Lille in 2017, where he completed his undergraduate degree. Mame Mor obtained his Bachelor in philosophy (2018), before leaving for Sorbonne University for his first year of research master (2019). The following year, he returned to Lille University where he obtained a master degree in moral and political philosophy (2021), writing a Master thesis on the following topic: "Civil liberty and political liberty in Rousseau's thought", (passed with honors) under the supervision of Pr. Gabrielle Radica. After his master in philosophy, Mame Mor decided to do a second master in business administration at Sorbonne University thanks to an apprenticeship program with Paris City Hall which he obtained last year (2022). However, this year of transition made him feel how much he missed research and that this is what suits him best. Mame Mor decided to prepare a thesis project and to register for a PhD at Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne University.