Julius Goedde

Julius is a PhD candidate at Paris School of Economics and Université Paris 1. His research examines alternative peer-to-peer sharing platforms that limit the use of money. He investigates how these restrictions affect user behavior and what they imply for the market design of these platforms. A large part of his dissertation focuses on a popular online platform for trading holiday homes with token money. These tokens are earned by hosting others and can only be spent on visiting other platform users. Using economics theory and econometric techniques for causal inference, Julius studies the design of prices with token money and the impact of interactions with people of different backgrounds on users’ trust. He is also interested in how prices and users’ dual role as hosts and guests shape norms of behavior. Recently, he has started exploring related questions on BlaBlaCar.

Julius holds a MA in Economics and a BA in Philosophy and Economics. Prior to his Master's, he worked at the Center for Impact Evaluations (C4ED), where he evaluated public policies in his field, and at the digital economy department of the Center for European Economic Research (ZEW), where he studied e-commerce and online ratings.