Florian Grosset

Florian Grosset is a Ph.D. student in Sustainable Development at Columbia University. Florian’s research spans the fields of development and environmental economics. He is notably studying, as co-investigator with Eliana Carranza (World Bank), Aletheia Donald (World Bank) and Supreet Kaur (UC Berkeley), the effects of social sharing norms on labor supply in Ivory Coast. His additional research explores the spatial effects of weather shocks, through trade and migration. Ultimately, Florian aims to advance our understanding of the effects of climate change on societies in developing countries – with a particular focus on their spatial diffusion and on the role of social norms.

Prior to starting his Ph.D., Florian earned a master's in economics from the Paris School of Economics and spent a semester as a graduate visiting student in UC Berkeley’s Ph.D. program in Economics. He holds a bachelor's from Sciences Po Paris (Public policy) and the University of Lorraine (Economics). Florian is fluent in English, French, and German. He loves data, theory, and bringing both together.