Candice Yandam

Candice J. Yandam is a Ph.D. Candidate at Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne University. Her dissertation focuses on the impact of labor regulations on economic performance in developing countries. Her work is supervised by Pr. Rémi Bazillier, an expert on labor standards, labor market institutions in developing countries, and corporate social responsibility.

Candice has worked on a variety of issues in developing countries such as women empowerment, democratic institutions, and the regulation of labor. Currently, she focuses on analyzing the Labor Contract Law reform in China, a major turning point for Chinese workers. Candice was awarded an Alliance grant and is visiting Columbia University for three months in the spring of 2019. She is working with Pr. Qin Gao, Director of the China Center for Social Policy at the Columbia School of Social Work, on the impact of China’s new labor law on workers’ welfare.