January 16, 2017

Sciences Po School of Public Affairs Launches the First Public Policy Incubator

The Sciences Po School of Public Affairs is launching a public policy incubator to train students in developing innovative and robust public policy solutions. Prioritising citizen experience and the development of new start-ups, the programme combines expertise in engineering, design, digital technology and the social sciences to transform policies.
The incubator's partners include Facebook, for whom this is a first partnership with a higher education project, Harvard, the Global Public Policy Network and the municipality of the City of Paris.

December 20, 2016

Artificial Intelligence & Startups in École Polytechnique

The term “artificial intelligence” (#AI) covers a wide range of meanings, including machine learning and deep learning, complex modeling and optimization, natural language processing and many others.

With the very rapid growth of IT tools now available to us, especially computation power, artificial intelligence can be found in an ever increasing number of applications and disciplines. It is now omnipresent, in businesses, in industry, and in our daily life.